Wood + Wick Candle
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Wood + Wick Candle

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Rustic and chic, our new Wood + Wick Candles look almost as nice as they smell!


Natural and clean aromatic blends with coconut wax made to uplift and beautify your space.


Once you’ve used the candle heat and wipe clean to repurpose! Voila! A decorative dish, holder of keys, coins, near your front door, or decor anywhere else around the house/office.

 10 oz wood vessel 50+ hr burn time


Fig + Honey - like decadent baklava, Mediterranean figs drizzled with sweet honey and vanilla It’s sweet and delicious.

Pear + Yuzu -drier, lighter, and sweeter than that of lemon, with which it blends wonderfully with our lush pear blossom and fruit. 

Fresh Brew (Coffee) - fresh round coffee beans start this fragrance oil off strong, while a touch of sugar and cream adds the perfect amount of sweetness

Bambou - fresh-cut bamboo swirled with lush lemongrass, rich, exotic vetiver on a warm bed of woody notes. 

Rosemary Mint - rosemary, purifying mint, and fresh garden herbs



Information & Candle Safety

PLEASE NOTE: You may notice discoloration in your wax once you begin to burn. That is due to the finish on the hand-carved cheese mold. It won't affect the burn of your candle.


We will always recommend that you abide by the federal warnings/burning instructions that are listed on a sticker that is attached to each and every one of our candles.