Antique White Lava + Stone Aromatic Diffuser
Lava + Stone Aromatic Diffuser
Antique White Lava + Stone Aromatic Diffuser
Light Gray Lava + Stone Aromatic Diffuser
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Lava + Stone Aromatic Diffuser

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Add a touch of wellness to your space with our Lava + Stone Aromatic Diffuser.

This diffuser utilizes natural lava stones and crystals to release lovely aromatics in any room or office space. Add one of our natural wellness synergies to create the perfect scent combination. Crystals will be hand selected at the time of order.



Citrus Bae 

Day Spa  

Lavender Luxe 


Sage Blanc


How to use:

  1. Place the lava stones and crystals in the vessel.
  2. Place the vessel in a ventilated area, such as a bathroom shelf or living space.
  3. Add 5-10 drops of Aromatic Diffuser Drops or Wellness Synergy on the rocks.
  4. Allow the rocks to absorb the aromatics and naturally spread them throughout the room.
  5. Keep the aromatic drops out of direct sunlight, away from pets and children.