Bliss Body Spritz
Bliss Body Spritz
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Bliss Body Spritz

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Light and airy, this body spritz is a great way to wear your favorite scent! Non-greasy, moisturizing, and scented with essential oil synergies. Apply after your shower, or anytime you want to smell delicious!



SUNRISE: Awaken your senses with this sweet orange and bergamot 

HILLS: Beautiful lavender florals with woody notes.

BLISS: Tangerine, Amyris, and vanilla, vibrant and refreshing

LEMONBARK: Fresh lemon balanced with woody scented essentials.

LOTUS: Get zen with this relaxed lavender blend with copaiba and more. 

WOOD: Lovely florals with a balance of cedarwood and hibiscus flower

FRESH: Uplifting lemongrass anchored with vetiver and more delicious melodies.

SHADOW: Cozy up with this warm dusky blend of frankincense and grounding blends. 

EUCA BLISS: Energizing and vibrant eucalyptus and lemon